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We are a boutique aerial drone photography Melbourne business who specialise in drone photography and video production services to small and medium businesses. If you are looking for the best affordable solutions at the highest quality results, please enquire with us today.

Aerial Photography & Video

Impress with a new perspective, a different point of view with aerial photography and video services. It’s never been easier to get that perfect angle from the sky – ideal for small aerial photography and video tasks.


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Melbourne’s Affordable Aerial Photography & Video Services

Land, New Estate & Apartment Digital Marketing Agency

As a certified Google Ads partner, we can sell land, house with land packages, new townhouse communities. We will generate leads so you can close them.


Looking for the perfect drone operator or RPA pilot for a project you have in mind?

Hire one of our drone operators and UAV pilots near you today.

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Drone Operators

Why employ a drone operator?

Learn how employing a drone pilot can be beneficial to businesses
drone photography marketing

Drone Photography for Marketing

Every business big or small should consider using a drone to market their property or assets.
How to start a drone photography business?

How to start a drone photography business?

Want to learn how to start a small drone photography business?
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Our Drone Photography Services

Aerial 3D Mapping Services

Cost-effective solution to surveying and interactive 3D maps – ideal for farms, agricultural & construction or commercial development.



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3D Drone Mapping Services

New Estate Development


We capture magical angles to transform your retail or commercial space to a Wow factor. No more dull spaces – retail photography and commercial photographs that sell itself.

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Indoor Drone Video

Real Estate Marketing

Drone for Assets Inspection

Ready to showcase your property development for marketing and to investors? We will provide you with a new angle for your commercial assets.

Real Estate Drone Photography

We love to partner with a real estate company to fully provide a flexible drone photography and promotional video production services.

We love creating stunning video marketing for businesses and implement our aerial drone footage to spice it up. Find out how we can promote your premises with our video production company in Melbourne.

Aerial Photography Melbourne

Our speciality as a boutique drone business is to focus on the finer things in life and that’s bringing two families together. We want to give the groom and the bride the best drone photography and video services so they can remember their happiest days together.

Enquire about our drone wedding photography services in Melbourne.

About Aerial Videography Pro

Drone Pilot

Nep Thach fell in love with aerial drone photography Melbourne and video last year when he wanted to take photos and video of his friends doing outdoor activities. He’s seen some amazing videos online and thought to himself “Hey, why don’t I get one and start taking photos during my adventures” and that’s how it all began. Next thing he knew he bought himself a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro attachment, taking his drone on every road trip to capture aerial memories.

He’s now pursuing and adding a new career path by providing professional drone video and photography services for all Melbournians.
Enquire about our drone photography Melbourne.

Hire Drone Operators

Looking for the perfect drone operator or RPA pilot for a project you have in mind?

Hire one of our drone operators and UAV pilots near you today.

SEO Expert

Nep is an experienced SEO expert; he’s been helping small to medium businesses with their digital marketing services. His focus is on understanding the individual business needs and working together to achieve their Internet goals – whether they need to generate leads via AdWords, SMM (social media marketing) or using SEO (search engine optimisation) to rank high on search engines. Whatever your objectives are, he will surely help you accomplish them – contact Nep for SEO consultant services.

Why Choose Us For Aerial Photography & Video Services?

  • Affordable Drone Photography & Video Services

    We might have a small team but we are dedicated toward providing our clients with stunning aerial photos and videos money can buy. There is no job too small – in fact, we love taking on small tasks.

  • Over 10 Years of Video Production

    Our member has been in the video production industry for over 10 years, so you will get professional video editing from Aerial Videography Pro.

    Extra services we can provide are:

    • Animated logo
    • Graphic design
    • Photo retouching
    • Web design
    • Online marketing
    • And much more, just ask us

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Drone Services

Small Drones Services

Drone Services

Looking for a small team who specialise in small drone services? Based in Melbourne, we are the go to team when you need a drone pilot for that small task or project. We are always ready to take flight and pride ourselves in great work. Enquire today for drone photography rates.