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    You’d love being a drone pilot, fresh air and the sunshine – what not to love?
    Being out on the field and you get to travel to new places you’d never dreamed-of.

Start a New Career in Drone Photography, Video & 3D Mapping Services

Are you ready to be a part of a booming industry?

Do you love the great outdoors and piloting a drone?

You have come to the right place, join us and start a career in drone photography and video and drone 3D mapping services . It’s going to be one heck of flying journey to kick-start your drone business as the technology continue to improve at a staggering rate. Better commercial drone available and making it easier to take flight as more and more enquiring about the services.

Work the hours you want and choose the drone tasks that suit your lifestyle. You are in control of your time, and that means more time with your family. You can stay at your current full-time or part-time job and still be able to take on extra work as a small drone operator.

Technologies like geo-fencing and collision avoidance will make flying drones safer and make regulators feel more comfortable with larger numbers of drones taking to the skies.

From Business Insider

Drone Industry Valued over US$127 Billion & Climbing

drone business for a new career

What’re the requirements to work with us?

You must be a certified remote pilot with AROC certificate

You must invest in RPA training and obtain your remote pilot licence (RePL) and AROC (Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate).

This will allow you to work under our ReOC (Remote Operator Certificate) – 7 KG Category

Invest in your UAV equipment

foldable mavic pro

Portable yet powerful, the Mavic Pro is your personal drone, ready to go with you everywhere.


USD $999

DJI Mavic Pro
phantom 4 pro

All-new DJI Phantom camera with 1-inch 20MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, longer flight time and smarter features.


USD $1,499

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Inspire 2


USD $2,999

DJI Inspire 2

Member Benefits

We specialise in small drone services

  • Web Presence

    5-page professional website (see example) with hosting & email and including a domain name (value $1,200) – 12 months*

  • Mission Per Month

    Up to 5 Mission Approvals Per Month

  • Checklist

    Digital Pre & Post Checklist

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Fly Under Our Business with Public Liability Insurance

  • Ground Videographer & Editing Services

    Access to discounted ground videographer and editing services with our partner Tazmo Studios

  • Digital Marketing

    Discounted digital marketing services from Neptune Design

  • 6 Months Contract

    6 Months Contract – $300 per month > fee $1,800

12 months* after 12 months you will need to pay an annual hosting fee of $240. Or transfer to another hosting provider.

Digital Marketing Workshop

We can provide new business owners with digital marketing workshop so you can save on startup costs.

Partnering with Tazmo Studios

website design course
Running a successful drone business

About You

You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and believe in your hard work to build your drone business. You love door knocking & market yourself as a leader in small drone services.

We are here to provide you with the support with CASA regulations and fly legally under our Operational Certificate.

And one day, you can branch out and own your ReOC license as a commercial operator. Until then, we are here to assist you to grow and be successful in RPA (remote pilot aircraft) business.

Let’s Compare Other Industries & Franchises

Lawn Mowing & Cleaning

If you are to purchase a Franchise in Lawn Mowing/Cleaning or starting your own business – your rate per job is calculated at $60 per hour. You can mow the front lawn and earn $60 ( a task can take up to 20 minutes) – that’s an excellent winning for your career – business owners based their rate per task.

Lawn mowing or cleaning franchises in Australia typically cost anything from $5,000 to $50,000 upfront cost, plus ongoing fees or commissions for costs such as marketing, administration, call centre referrals and lead fees.

Owning a franchise is operating your OWN BUSINESS, you need to go out and market yourself, networking and retaining clients. Be active and resilience for the next 3-5 years.

Earn from $250 per job

for 10 minutes of your drone pilot skills + travelling fees + editing

When you are in a drone business

Cost to buy a Drone Franchise in Australia

National Drones & Real Drone Photography is one of the leading drone franchise in Australia. Buying a franchise can set you back anywhere from $17,000 to $85,000, or you can start your own drone business – obtain all the right training and save on startup costs.

Start Your Own Small Drone Business

  • UAV Training and Commercial Operator Certificate cost from $3,000
  • Equipment from $3,000
  • Insurance from $1,500
  • Total of investment: from $7,000 – excluding website & digital marketing


It’s no secret that the drone industry continues to climb as the word spread for drone services in Residential, Commercial, Construction, Mining & Agriculture sectors.

Start a part-time or full-time career as a drone operator.

Never been a better time to take flight and get out in the great outdoors and start earning extra income working under our ReOC.

Get in the drone business before it’s too late – its’ one heck of an office, your mobile office.

Fill in your details below for join us and grow your drone business today.

Potential work with drone photography & video services

  • Inspectors
  • Building Maintenance
  • Conference Centres
  • Architects
  • Golf Courses
  • Vineyards
  • Industrials
  • Tourism

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