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Thinking About Purchasing Drone Franchise in Australia?

Ready to begin a drone business or buy a drone franchise in Australia? That’s the question, have a read below before making a decision or find out more information as a reference.

It’s no surprise that drones are becoming a part of our everyday life as UAV technology gets better, smarter and easier to operate. Just recently years, drones for consumers have hit the mainstream as orders keep on multiplying making the global UAV industry valued at $127 billion, and it will continue to grow. As more and more commercial drones take-off thanks to new rules and regulations from the aviation.

Purchase Drone Franchise in Australia

Why should I start a drone business or buy a drone franchise?

For one, it’s a relevantly new industry, and it’s picking up momentum in all type of sectors, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Real Estate
  • Construction & Development
  • Filming & Production
  • Inspection and Surveying.

Whatever you can think of a drone can do the job, giving us unlimited possibilities for commercial gains.

small drone franchise business

Companies are turning to drones/RPA to take on tasks that are too risky to employees, lower costs, save time and effort. A UAV can do a job that would usually take days or weeks to complete, like surveying land for development to mapping a mining field for data analysing.

Running a successful drone business

Tremendous Opportunities & Endless Possibilities

There are tremendous opportunities to get entry into a drone business or buy a new drone franchise in Australia. As mentioned above, you can specialise in niche areas like mapping, surveying, aerial photography and to assets and insurance inspections.

Should I buy a drone franchise or start my own drone business?

Getting into a drone franchise can be big startup costs and you must be sure you have family support and commitment to make it work. Owning an RPA franchise is like running your business, you must do all the hard yards to get new clients. But you do have the support of the group, they use the funds you invested into generating leads, but you might have to pay for lead fees and commission.

How much is a drone franchise?

Currently buying a drone franchise can start from $17,000 to $80,000 and including training and support.

If you were to start your own drone business instead of purchasing a drone franchise, you would save big time on startup costs, and there’s no lead fees or commission be sure you work for yourself.

The minimum you need to start a drone business is from $7,000 with purchasing a small drone equipment like a Phantom 4 Pro – including your RPA training. It all depends on the amount you are willing to spend on your gear.

We would suggest you start small and work your way up once business picks up. That’s by putting in all your hard work and getting business through the door. You would need help with an online foot print like a website and invest in digital marketing services like Google AdWords. We are a Certifed AdWords manager – ask us how we can help – bonus $100 credit when you start.

Is there another option to start a drone business?

Yes, instead of investing in an operator certificate you can fly under a company who held one. You will need to be a certified drone pilot to work with a ReOC business and have your drone ready.

We provide newly certified drone operator with an opportunity to work with us on a six months contract. You will operate under our commercial operator certificate and follow our drone operational manual.

It will enable you with the possibility to fly for commercial gain and grow your drone business, until one day you can branch out and be independent. When you sign up to our drone business contract, we provide you with a website and discount services like digital marketing and ground videographer.

We advise you purchase the DJI Phantom 4 Pro to get you started with your drone photography business if you are looking keep cost down. The quality of the camera is moderately close to the Inspire drone.

Need to Invest in Equipment?