Drone Photography Werribee

drone photography in Werribee

Time to sell your land and need a way to market?
Look no further, using a drone photography services in Werribee can give your potential buyers a view of the surroundings.

Drone Photography Services in Werribee

They say action speaks louder than words and a photo can tell a thousand words – if you are looking to market your property or land in Werribee, then you will require a drone photography services.

Drone services is an alternative aerial photography and help lower costs in your real estate marketing. We are your specialists in providing clients with small drone solutions, whether you need a few photos or a 30-second video – there is no task too small for our team at Drone Photography Melbourne Pro.

Drone Photography Rates in Werribee, Australia

We based our drone photography price on a minimum of $250 for 30-minute on-site for photographs and $300 for with UAV video.

Plus, the travelling distance at $60 per hour – distance expected to travel to Werribee is around 2 hour from Heidelberg West, Melbourne. You are looking at $120 for travelling.

If you need editing to images for real estate marketing such as adding text and borders – that’s around $35 per image.

Total Drone Photography Rates @ $400 including one image editing

RPA Photograph Resolution

Our RPA image is set at a maximum of 4000×3000 pixels at 72 DPI.